Monday, July 23, 2007

I'm Going Home!
For a 45 year old man this will sound strange, but I am so excited, I'm going home to Illinois next weekend! I've been wanting to go back to the Chicago area where my Mom and sister live for a few days, but haven't been able to work it out. I've also wanted to preach a revival somewhere before I leave for Kenya in mid-August. This morning I had my good friend Pastor Ken Holt from Chicago on my mind, gave him a call, left a voice mail and hung up. About 30 minutes ago he called, said, "You won't believe this but this morning I was next door on top of a ladder and said to myself, I need to call Neil for revival in August!" Talk about a God thing...I'm going home! I've missed my Mom this summer, it's too hot for her to come to Florida this time of the year, we'll fly her down in November for three weeks, but I get to go this time, it will be awesome! You will never know what the Lord has just done in my life, just trust me when I say it is both a sign and a wonder at a good time in my life! Did I say, I'm going home!


Darrell said...

That's always cool when God just waves his hand and works things out for us.

Word of caution... bring a jacket!
It's not THAT bad, but after being in Florida last week, I'm cold. It's only 71 right now and it has been down in the low 60's at night. Of course, you know Illinois, it will probably hit 100 by next week!

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