Saturday, July 14, 2007

My Newest Addiction
I leave the office early on Fridays and usually come home to vege. The past two weeks I've found myself hooked on TLC's program "What Not To Wear". I'm not a girly person at all, am not into all the latest fashion, but I have to tell this program is hilarious. I watched it yesterday from around 3:00 PM until 9:00 PM, now, I did take a break and go eat, but came right back, my little one went to her room, it wore her out! It's amazing how bad some people dress and feel good about it! Whew, good thing my wife is working on me! I also watched Pastor Jim Raley from Calvary Christian Center in Ormand Beach, FL, he was on TBN, preached the house down! TBN gets on my nerves, there was an hour and a half of singing and then they give this guy 25 minutes to preach. The music was good, but it seems to me that if you bring a guy from Florida to Nashville to minister, you give him time...he came on at 11:35 PM, but it was so good. Check him out at This guy is the real deal, has preached for us a couple of times, we love his ministry! Check out Pastor Raley and What Not To Wear!


ruthrap said...

Now I don't think Jose is so strange for watching Style network...He loves to watch the makeovers..I guess we could all stand a little making over sometimes. I just want one of those shirts you get in Africa! One of those would be on my list of what TO wear!

Sylvia said...

It is fun to watch What not to see how people dress.But I want that make over that God is Giving out for the asking.That is better than all the outfits out there never goes out of style.