Saturday, August 11, 2007

Feeling Stirred
There is a rumbling in my spirit today that I simply cannot get past. Perhaps its because I'm preaching in the morning, or because I'm preparing to depart for Kenya on the 20th, or maybe the Lord is trying to speak to me, and I'm just not listening well. I don't feel concerned, afraid, or warned, I feel stirred, as if there is something on the horizon, perhaps my Isaac is about to appear. I am convinced that God is raising up a new generation, not new in the sense of age, but a people of passion, perception, and perseverance. This generation will be open to whatever He is doing, will appreciate the past that got them to their present, but will not be bound to yesterday, their favorite verse will be found in Joshua when God said, "You have not passed this way before!" This movement of the Lord will not be like any previous movement, there will not be anything to compare it to...this will be the new thing that springs up, we've heard about it, prayed about it, it's time to be about it...Stir It Up!

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David said...

I am with you. I believe God has been desiring to do a "new thing" for longer than most any of us know. I wait with you for the fulfillment of it all.
Dave Anderson