Friday, August 17, 2007

My New Computer
I bought a new laptop computer last week, a Toshiba Satellite, a lovely piece of machinery that I intend to absolutely wear out. It was working great until yesterday, everything is plug and play and I was plugging and playing. Came into the office yesterday morning plugged everything in, everything worked except my internet connection, I had lost my IP address. I called Best Buy and was shifted to the Geek Squad who wanted 159.00 to come fix it, it is one week old...can we say free? I then called Toshiba and was on the phone for an hour with them and then my internet provider for an hour who wanted to send me back to Toshiba...I wouldn't go! My provider arranger for a free service call, while I was waiting my friend Rick suggested I reset the network modem...Fear comes all over me...can't afford to have a network of nearly 20 computers down, and I'm leaving for Kenya on Monday...Service tech can't fix it, not familiar with Vista, and he suggest the reformatting of my hard drive. This evening we shut down the modem, turned it back on and I'm back in business...God has not given us the spirit of fear!

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Barbara said...

This is the same laptop we gave our grandson for graduation this year. He had a little bit of problem with getting online due to McAfee, which they load on that machine. My husband removed it, put on AVAST, and he's not had another problem with it. You are going to love it!