Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Does This Make Sense?
I'm flying out to Chicago tomorrow and have been busy this afternoon making sure all of my affairs are in order: printed out my boarding pass; spoke with the pastor where I'll be preaching; found out my cousin wasn't going to be able to pick me up so I needed to arrange transportation. I called a car rental company that advertised a good price online, they have a store a few minutes from my mother's home so I could drop it off with no problem...The problem is that because I was wanting to drop off this car at a different location than I was renting it at I was going to have to pay 70.00 for the car itself, 50.00 drop off fee, plus 1.00 per mile on the travel, so now for a 70.00 rental I'm paying probably 150-170 for this car...does that make sense? I've made other arrangements with a different company and will be out about 82.00 plus a full tank of gas...these people wear me out!


Darrell said...

Good lesson about the importance of comparison shopping, huh? It is amazing the difference that can be found. I remember once when I was preparing to go to Germany, I was checking airfares and the prices ranged anywhere from $800- $1700 with several airlines. Then someone told me to check with US Air, and I flew round trip for under $400. Pretty crazy.

'Kizzie' said...

and the same company that gave you the deal the last time is not always going to be the company that you go with the next time lol !