Sunday, June 08, 2008

Intense Hunger
Several years ago I fasted for a thirty day period, it was a directive from the Lord, I share this not to boast but to create a reference point for my thought. During the first week or so I was extremely hungry, I looked up recipes and made mental lists of places I would eat when my fast ended. After a week I was no longer hungry, my body no longer needed food, the next event was the battle of my mind, my body said it was satisfied, my mind went everywhere...and then it was over...I could sit with you while you were eating and not be bothered at all...I understand hunger and I also understand getting past hunger to the point of denying my need. Today I am hungry, I am hungry for the Lord, hungry to impact the lives of people, to make a difference in the lives of others. Our world is struggling, the earth is groaning, waiting for the sons of God to arise and to express the greatness of God. Gas prices, job insecurity, higher costs of living, and a myriad of things plague the minds of men and women, we're all wondering what comes next...And we, the followers of Jesus Christ have the answer! I find myself with a missional view of what the church ought to be, that our call is to make disciples, to create atmospheres of learning, not just to find people that make confessions, conversion must go beyond confession, our words must evolve into actions! I recognize that if I'm not careful I will become numb to my hunger, push past it, convince myself I'm doing enough, and hide in my comfort zone...The question, how can I make a

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