Thursday, June 26, 2008

When You Step Out
Have you ever heard anyone say, "I just wish this or that would happen in my life?" or, "If the Lord would make this happen I would know this is where I'm supposed to be and I am doing what He wants me to do!" I have, in fact, I've said it many times and will probably say it again at some point, it's a human nature thing!
Don't you hate it when humanity gets in your way? :)
God often opens doors and creates opportunities that we never enter because we fail to understand a simple principal, while we are waiting for God, He is waiting for us! Everything is in life is supernatural, but most of the time it is cloaked in the natural, covered by simplicity and watered by a simple concept, to borrow a phrase from my friend Cedric, "if you walk it out, He will work it out!" Life is much like an automatic door, it only opens when you step up to it!
The Book of Joshua paints a perfect picture of what I'm talking about, Israel needs to possess the land that God has promised them, there are some enemies and some obstacles, enemies and obstacles are a natural part of life, they aren't there to destroy us, they are there to develop us. As they prepare to enter the Promised Land they come to the edge of the Jordan River, the opportunity to cross over is before them, and the promise of crossing over is given to them: "Set out from your place and go after it...You have not passed this way before...cross over before the people...When you have come to the edge of the water of the Jordan, you shall stand in the Jordan...And as the those who bore the ark came to the Jordan, and the feet of the priests who bore the ark dipped in the edge of the water...that the waters which came down from upstream stood still, and rose in a heap very far away...and the people crossed over. (Joshua 3)
It would be wonderful if everything always came easy, or at least came to us before we had to step out, after all, if it's already in our hand we don't need much faith! But God is calling for risk takers and bondage breakers, people who see it in their spirit, hear it deep inside their hearts, and start walking towards the promised land, even if they have no clue what lies before them. Much like the automatic door, if we do what God is calling us to do, if we walk in integrity of heart and obedience, the door will open at the right time and the blessings of the open door will be ours. Closed doors are not always distractions either, some times they are delays and detours that enable us to get to the right door at the right time, they help us avoid destruction, leading us to the place of blessing!
I love the words of Joshua 3:3: "Set out from your place and go after it!"
Allow me to challenge you today to set out from your place, and go after God's place of blessing and ministry for your life. God is all about the place, Jesus said He was going to prepare a place for you, there is a place of anointing, of blessing, of ministry, and of satisfaction for your life...Go After It!

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