Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Spiders On The Field
Most preachers I know get their sermon material from the Bible, current events,, some place spiritual...I get all worked up from spiritual Hook, or Remember The Titans, stuff that is filled with destiny, stories that remind us that we can overcome anything and that we really are on a journey, we're going somewhere! Saturday I was watching the movie "The Replacements", the story of a replacement team for the Washington Sentinels. There's a scene where the coach has gathered the team together in the locker room, telling them that in order to be leaders they must confront their greatest fears, he then asked them what they fear the most...the reply...Spiders! The coach says, "No, I mean on the field!" The players respond, "They're spiders on the field?" The players may have missed the point, but I didn't! Spiders are some of the most useless and irritating insects on the face of the earth. I haven't figured out what their purpose is, but what I do know is that intimidate, their eight eyes looking at you, their ugly bodies and those nasty webs they spin...and they crawl on you, if you step into a web you feel like you never get all of it off of you, and if you see a spider always feel like he's crawling on you...Nasty is what they are! Spiders build webs for the sole purpose of trapping their prey, laying wait for them to become ensnared so they can eat them. I think we all have spiders in our lives, things that seek to trap us, to deceive us, to intimidate us, and to eat us. The key is discerning them, knowing what our spiders are, avoiding their traps, and learning to confront and defeat them before they devour us. Recently a big spider was scurrying across our sidewalk, I saw him and without a second thought stepped on him, he was tough and crawled out from beneath my shoe, but I got him, and the second time there was no leaving...That's how we have to be with the spiders of our lives, leave no room for a return visit!

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