Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I know that I keep going on and on about this blogging thing...but...I love to write and thought I would do this faithfully...daily...creatively...did I say faithfully?
Perhaps the reason blogging and consistancy relate to me is that it's much like my daily life, filled with good intentions, failures, a few victories, and the constant reminder that life happens, but good life must be worked at. The words of Paul speak volumes when I he says that there were things he wanted to do...but didn't...Then there were things he didn't want to do...and did!
In this journey of life I am becoming more and more thankful that God is more patient with us than we are with ourselves. I am thankful for process and the potential of what God can do in our lives if we stay in the game.
As I type I'm listening to my six year old daughter practice her song for the school Christmas program...she's so cute...but she hasn't got it all together yet...she's getting there...and if she sticks with it...if she's consistant...she'll do great!
Maybe there's something I can learn from Madison!


Darrell said...

First: I cannot believe Madison is 6! Where has the time gone.
Second: Who says consistant must be daily for you? Set times for yourself, whether it be daily, 3x a week, once a week or what ever works for you.
As for me...
It is theraputic. That's why I blog.
It is a place to work out what is running through this (sometimes twisted) mind of mine.
Do what works for you, Neil.
No grades.
No expectations.
It is your blog.

By the way, I am freezing today.
Does that make you feel better?

Neil said...

Thanks Darrell!

I can't believe she's six either, Kaitlin will be 14 in January and said yesterday that she's been coloring her hair since was 7. So at age 13 she can't remember what her original hair color is...tough stuff huh?

We're cold today too, high 60's or low 70's...Sorry!


Exqsme said...

Make sure when you come up for the revival to bring pictures! I can't even imagine what your girls look like.. in my mind Madison is still like 3 and Kaitlin is 8 or 9. I Don't even know if I'd recognize them!

Course the last time you saw us Kaylin wasn't even a thought yet HAHAHAHA

PT said...

Is she really 6, goodnight that makes me feel old. Then again I have a hard time believing my little girl is going on 2.
I think we're seeing time speed up on us, especially as we draw closer to the end.

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