Thursday, December 22, 2005

It's been said that I can't preach or teach without talking about my family, it's also been said that you should never speak in the first person or talk about yourself...but I've never been one to worry much about what's been said...So! This afternoon I was asking my six year old about a Christmas present, sharing with her that one of the items would probably need to wait until a future date at this point. She seemed alright with the waiting...But floored me when she announced "I don't have a future!" The truth in the matter is she doesn't know what a future is. She had no concept of what future is about, so I quickly schooled her on what having a future was all about...she still had no clue! I had one of those spiritual moments all of a sudden...remembered the words of God to Jeremiah when He said that He knows the thoughts that He thinks toward us, thoughts of good and not evil, thoughts of hope and to give to us a future! God does think about tomorrow. He tells us not to worry about tomorrow because He's already there...He's already worked it out and has planned it to be good. I've met many people that thought that their best days were behind them, but I'm convinced that our best days are before our future!


Exqsme said...

I love to think that GOd's always got something bigger and better on the horizon and it's always more then i could possibly imagine.

I am even experiencing a renewed hunger for God's word... it excites me. I know with the increased hhunger etc shows that he's preparing me for a great future event... and then there's something even better beyond that WOO HOO!

michigan preacher said...

I have to echo exqsme's sentiments. Neil, something struck me when you spoke of your 6 year old not understanding what "future" means (I understand completely, I have a 6 year old myself!). In the same way, we have no way of knowing how great or even what God's plans are for us in the future. As exqsme said, more than we can possibly imagine. Like a kid waiting for Christmas, I am eagerly awaiting what my Father has for me in the future. Thanks for getting me going again.

Neil said...

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned feeling lost. I'm beginning to wonder if that feeling is a part of the process of getting where we're supposed to be. Reminds me of the words of the Hebrew writer concerning Abraham...said that he left his home not knowing where he was going. We step out by faith and trust God to get us there...sometimes that's scary.

One of the things that strikes me funny is that when a person is lost everything and every place begins to look we have to listen to the voice of God or we can end up in a very difficult place!

KariJay84 said...

Great post, Neil! When I was younger (and just realizing what a future is) God gave me that scripture (Jeremiah 29:11). I've held to that all these years. I just keep thinking, "If this is all He has for me, I might as well die now!" But that's the thing...this isn't it. There is always going to be something bigger and better to look forward to because that's just how God works. Praise God for a future!