Friday, December 02, 2005

A Kenyan Is In The House!
We are blessed to have a visiting pastor from Kenya with us this weekend. Pastor Charles Kababu from Machakos, Kenya arrived in Zephyrhills this afternoon. He and I have spent the entire afternoon together, he went with me to get a haircut, we enjoyed lunch at a boofay (buffet), we watched a video of his crusade in Tanzania where 150,000 he said attend and over 1100 were saved. This evening we along with our senior pastor and his wife attended a Christmas Parade, Pastor Kababu video taped much of it and will take American Christmas back to Africa this week. Tomorrow I will take him to Busch Gardens, last week he saw snow in Indiana for the first time in his life, tomorrow he will ride Sheikra, life for him will never be the same. Amid all the fun, food, and fellowship, we talk about the good things of the Lord, of our relationship as covenant brothers, of our hopes and dreams for future times together both here and back home in Kenya. We plan for ministry times together and he shares of the miracles he has seen God perform...and I hunger to be used of the Lord, to see the miracles of the Bible, and of Kenya. Our senior adult pastor, Stanley Sloan went to Kenya in November of 2003, he has been in the ministry for over forty years, a very anointed and successful pastor, while there he saw blinded eyes opened and growths literally fell into his hands...he said he had never seen these type of things in all of his ministry...once again, I hunger. Not just to see and experience miracles to have a story to tell, but to see needs met and lives changed, and to know for myself what I aready know...Jesus loves us, He is real, and He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Thanks Pastor Kababu...or should I say, Assante Sana!


Darrell said...

Reminds me of a time long ago, while I was attending Lee College. Libby and I became very good friends with a family from Kenya, and we brought them home to Illinois with us during a break. Patrick and Anna and their 5 children. They had only been in the US for about 5 months at that time and they were still so excited by everything new to them. JT and June, Patrick and Anna and Libby and I went out to dinner one night and left Jami and Amber with the kids. It happened to snow and everyone was so excited. The adults were gone longer than we expected, as we showed the Mungai family parts of Illinois and Kentucky, so we called home to see how things were. Jami, who was just a teen ager at that time answered the phone and when her dad asked her how it was going, said, "Dad, let's just say the natives are restless."

Neil said...

I picked our guest up this morning and our plans quickly took precedence over amusement parks. This man is the shopper until you least I'm dropping, he is ready to persevere. In fact, I dropped him off at the Microtel and in a few minutes another Kenyan friend will pick him up, take him back to Orlando, he will preach and then return to Zephyrhills this evening. I will pick him up for services in the morning.

While at lunch he shared that the Holy Spirit awakens him at 3:00 AM every morning, today He awakened him at 2:00 AM, he prays and reads, then at times returns to sleep. This is a remarkable man.

We are discussing my return to Kenya and the possibility of going into Tanzania, a 27 drive from his home to where we will minister. I'm going to find a flight for us, it's only a 10 hour drive from where we fly into...remember, I'm old and fat, built for comfort!

He is enjoying America but cannot believe the size and convenience, I believe he's homesick for Kenya!

michigan preacher said...

I have a friend from Nigeria who lives a few blocks from us. He has told me quite a few stories about what God is doing on the African continent. In Africa, where they have nothing, they realize their need for God. Over here, we are "fat". We don't think we need God because we too much to replace Him. Good jobs, nice homes, beautiful churches. You hit it on the head about your friend from Kenya- prayer marks their lives. They know they are nothing without Christ, and it is evident in the ministry. My friend from Nigeria is a powerhouse in the Sprirt, only because he knows that he is nothing without the Lord. I guess I'm rambling a little- sorry, it's early still.

Clay said...

mungu awa bariki sana!

charles said...

am from kenya and i attest to this.
God is good and he is relly holding us up.

tutaonana panapo majaliwa