Thursday, July 13, 2006

Anointer or Embalmer
I have just returned from Atlanta where our church staff attended the Fresh Fire Camp Meeting at Trinity Chapel. Monday evening Bishop Tim Hill of the Church of God preached a message about Positioning Ourselves For Revival. He used the scripture in Matthew 27 where Joseph asked for the body of Jesus for burial. One of the most powerful points in the entire message was at the end when he told how that Joseph anointed the body of Jesus, wrapping Him in a clean cloth and burying Him in a new tomb. As members of the body of Christ we have the powerful opportunity to either anoint the body or embalm them. Our actions and words are either life or death to others, how we carry ourselves, how we conduct ourselves, what we say and do, how we relate to others, determines what we deposit and leave with them.
When you come into a conversation, when you enter a room, do you anoint the place with life or do you embalm with death? Are you an encourager or a discourager? Do you lean toward the positive or the negative? Life has both, in fact, I am convinced that both are neccessities for daily living...the issue is not if there are negatives in life, the question is how we view and respond to them.
As for me, I am determined to be an anointer, that everywhere I go I will encourage, build up and bless others...leave the enbalming to the undertakers...I will bless the Lord and His creation at all times..Praise will continually be on my mouth!


michigan preacher said...

Bishop Hill preached that at the Michigan Campmeeting back in '04. Very powerful message! At the end, he had everyone come forward and just begin to speak blessings to each other, to "anoint" them.

I was up front when an older gentleman turned around to speak with me. He stood there with his wife and asked me to pray for him. He had just been told he had cancer. I was shocked. I had never been asked by someone to pray for their cancer healing! But, I prayed, and I honestly don't know today how that brother is, but I am believing that God touched him.

I love Tim Hill's preaching.

Jesse said...

What a powerful statement, Pastor Neil, and not just a statement, but a challenge to my spirit to take stock of my own life and how I treat others!