Sunday, July 16, 2006

Release The Garments
We began our annual camp meeting this morning at Oasis World Outreach. Our evangelist, David George from the Atlanta area, preached a powerful word concerning carrying the presence of God. While he was preaching he drew our attention to Psalm 133 where it talks about the anointing oil being poured on the head of the priest, flowing down his beard and onto his garments. He illustrated by having our pastor and his wife come stand before the altar, God always anoints the head first, then he had the staff come, the beard surrounds the head, what I found interesting was that he had us stand with our backs to the pastors, not facing them. The reason behind this is that we cannot effectively protect and represent our pastor if we are constantly looking to him, we hear his voice and follow his direction, but it is our job to protect him and to be watching for anyone and anything that would come against our shepherd. The anointing then flows to the garments, the congregation, and there the Lord commands the blessing. It was powerful to say the least.
At the end of the service our pastor stood before our congregation and released us, the staff to do what God has called us to do, to represent Christ, our pastor, and our church, and then he released the garments...I about came unglued on the inside.
Within each believer there is a gift, a calling, and a talent. Every one is and has a treasure, often it is never released. People spend their christian lives wishing they could do something for the Lord, pastors spend their entire ministries trying to get people out of the box and into the world. Churches grow stagnant because the people are waiting for some supernatural revelation or spiritual yanking that will pull them out of their pew and throw them into God's will. The truth is we already know God's will, to know God, be known by God, and that the world through us might come to know God. Shepherds don't begat sheep, sheep begat sheep, we as believers are responsible to share what the Lord has done in our lives and how that He can do it in the lives of family, friends, co-workers...anyone we come into contact with.
The garments need to be released to do the work of the ministry! I am excited about what God is doing in our lives, thankful for our pastor, and expecting awesome things as continue to walk in this last day harvest!
If you're reading this post, I release you to be all that God has intended for you, all that you desire to be, and all that you are destined to be...walk in the wake of the anointing that is flowing through your house, let your family walk in the wake of the anointing upon your life and see what the Lord will do through you!


Jesse said...

What a powerful word that was this morning Pastor Neil. I'll have to get the tapes, all of them, since I missed part of it due to bus ministry, but what a powerful word! It seems that has been the word for the past few years...from pastor preaching that, to other ministers coming in with the same word. God is on the move!

Darrell said...

Great word! Thanks for sharing it Neil.