Sunday, July 30, 2006

A Challenged Spirit
There is a stirring in my spirit today, I truly believe that God is calling us to step up to the plate, rise to the occasion and to reach the world with the message of the Kingdom! This past week I heard a staggering statistic, of the just over six billion people on the planet, only one and one half billion of those people claim to be christian...that is amazing! All evidence indicates that the earth is experiencing the birth pangs announcing the return of the Lord Jesus Christ...what will He find when He returns? I'm challenged to work on my personal relationship with Christ, to be filled again with the Holy Spirit, and to be renewed in my desire to minister to others...there is a compelling and propelling desire in my heart to reach the harvest and to touch the lives of people all around me. It's easy to become satisfied with where we are, to feel safe and secure in our present surroundings, and yet, the Lord is shifting us, moving us from our comfort zones into new's an exciting journey...let's take many others with us!


Amy said...

niel, I feel it also, I feel a urgentcy(sp??) to get closer to The Lord and to pray like never before!! God is calling us to a higher level!!!

Darrell said...

Staggering stats their Neil. Amy, don't mean to sound like I am putting you down, but in my opinion, the problem with the church today is that people keep putting all their attention on drawing closer to God and prayer, when they need to get up off their knees and get out there in the field and bring in the harvest. I believe that we can never get more close to the Lord than when we involve ourselves in the purpose and work of the Lord.
Jesus said he came to seek and to save those that are lost. That should be our primary mandate as well. Want to get close to God? Start involving yourself in the work of the harvest and I promise you that you will find yourself drawing closer to the Lord.

Neil said...

There is a biblical pattern to moving into the things of the Lord. It goes something like this:
Worship-Life starts with Him...Relationship
Word-We receive instruction, iformation, and impartation from the Word
Work-We involve ourselves in the harvest
Worship-What starts with Him also ends with Him.

In the Lord's prayers it begins with worship unto our Father and the desire for the manifestation of His Kingdom rule in our lives. It ends with worship, as we establish the reality that it's all His and all about Him.

Revelation comes from His presence and His Word...fulfillment comes from being involved in the harvest...and harvest is work, but it's good work!

ruthrap said...

i agree with you both, darrell and neil, it takes lots of courage and conviction to reach others with the gospel, some of us are not as brave as others to get out there and bring in the harvest, but God is working on us and in us and we are growing and learning everyday, so don't give up on us, remember that patience is a virtue---we're listening and we appreciate all the instuction you can give us, we're the sheep ya know and we're not as smart as you shepards!