Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Inner Process
I was reading a blog today by the title of this post and the title consumed me. It appears that this blogger is using this media to share his inner thoughts and ideas. When I read the title it leaped inside of me, God is taking us all through an inner process. How I wish I would be able to recognize and appreciate the power of process when I was younger...I've always been impatient, drove fast, took short cuts, enjoyed the microwave, and wanted to get there as quickly as possible in most every area of life. When it comes to spiritual matters I've been much the same and always valued what was visible outwardly more than what was taking place inwardly. Now that I'm an old man of 44, been married almost 20 years, the father of two daughters, and just beginning my 28th year of ministry...I recognize that process is good, it purges some things that need to be removed, which can't always be done in a hurry, it completes things that have been started, that otherwise must have not been completed, and all things don't need to be revealed, or at least not initially, let the plan get in place and the process completed before the revelation comes. Could it be that God is working inside when we aren't even aware of it?


Sean McKee said...

Kind of reminds be of this proverb: Wealth [gotten] by vanity shall be diminished: but he that gathereth by labour shall increase. (Prov 13:11)

What ever it is, you will value it more if you got some of your sweat and blood in it.

Exqsme said...

I know that He does work quite often when we are unaware. I know that even when I get through the test I'm currently experiencing I will be able to take a step and look back and see what God did even though I can not see now what He is up to. If that makes sense.Every time I have gotten out of a test I see that somethign in me had changed.

Neil said...

You cannot have a testimony with out a test! One pastor said, "If you pass the test, you will posses!"

Hang in there Exquese Me!