Friday, January 20, 2006

How To Make A Devil
I've been in Arkansas this week preaching revival, God touched us in a beautiful way for which I am extremely thankful. Last night I went to the room the pastors had so kindly provided for me in their home, my bags were packed, so I picked out a book from the bookshelf in my room entitled "Chronicles of the Host". It is a fictional story of the fall of Lucifer from heaven, I must admit it got my attention. In fact, it has just under three hundred pages and I read about one hundred sixty-eight pages last night and this morning...I had to leave the book so now I need to buy it so I can finish it. Though I realize it is fiction I truly believe there is some reality in it, actually, I got convicted as I thought about how an angel that was created by God, for God, to worship in the presence of God could somehow become so misguided, so full of himself, so rebellious, and so stupid, that he would lose his relationship with God and be cast out of heaven. As I was getting ready to leave I was praying in the shower and it dawned on me that sometimes I'm quite full of myself, enjoy my own authority and without even realizing it exalt myself above what I know is God's word for my life. I don't mean to do that, it's never my intention to be rebellious, or to question God, or to believe that I can do it on my own. It's not my intention to believe that God owes me anything, but sometimes I do. God didn't make a devil, Lucifer took care of that himself. God doesn't make us what we become when we step back from His plan and take our lives into our own control either...sometimes the devil doesn't do it either...we just get caught up with ourselves, like to listen to what we have to say, get too puffed up and a little devil starts to rise up within us....mean to or not it happens! I've found myself quite prayerful about this...God has made us in His image and likeness, given us a free will, the ability to choose...I want to choose life...the Christ-life...don't want no devil in me!


michigan preacher said...

That'll preach, brother. I think we give Satan too much credit at times. We bring many of our problems on us all by ourselves.

It can be pretty easy to get off tack, can't it? I was doing my devotion this morning in Gen. 11, as I'm doing 4 chapters a day to get through in less than a year. It was about the tower of Babel, and the people said, "let us..." Instead of remaining in their rightful spot as God's creation, they insisted on exalting themselves and making a name for themselves. We must not think too highly of ourselves. Great post, and sounds like a good book. God bless, Neil.

Darrell said...

An interesting side note Neil. People always say that man has "free will" or choice and that the angels do not. But if they do not, then how did Lucifer fall? I think we have created a doctrine that won't fly. Lucifer had to have been able to make a choice. What do you think?

Exqsme said...

HMMM we own the book and I have never read it... now maybe I will HAHAHAHHAAH

Good thoughts!!!!!

PT said...

I only have one thing to say about this...wait til you read the 2nd book.

Neil said...

I had never thought of angels having a free will either, always believed that because they were created they really had no choice. But again, though I keep reminding myself that this book is fiction, I truly believe there is some powerful insight to might have taken place. How else could Lucifer have developed pride and rebellion? The story of Babel gives an incredible insight into the power of unity to accomplish anything, and yet when used for selfish glory it creates confusion. One of things I find so thrilling in this book is that there are those loyal angels that recognize or discern what Lucifer is doing and begin to check it out. At one point Gabriel comes into the presence of the creates that surround God's throne day and night and they know why he's there, and remind him that God is very much aware, is sovereign, He will take care of it. I want to often wonder why God just doesn't kill some people, why He allows things...but He does know and has a will be alright!