Thursday, January 26, 2006

I'm Bored
Thursday night has always been my favorite night for television, I love Survivor, CSI, and ER! My wife goes to choir practice, hopefully takes the kids with her, or at least one of them, I do the laundry and watch these shows. Survivor is off, and ER is reruns, which leaves CSI, and if you don't see the first're so least I was tonight! Today has been an exciting day at our office though, we outlined our next four trips to Kenya. I leave May 22nd and return June 2nd, and I get to go again November 6-16...can't wait! It's just like going home to visit friends and family...some of my friends need to go with me!


Libby said...

Does Julie ever get to go?

michigan preacher said...

My wife was the biggest ER fan when it first came out. I always seemed to call right at 10 on Thursday night (we were dating then). She thinks it went downhill with the liberalness.

Awesome about Kenya! Keep me posted.

Neil said...


Julie hasn't gone yet but will. We have a friend that is a former missionary that has offered to sow into her when she is ready. As you well know, her teaching schedule at school prohibits her from going until summer or she has to take a leave of absence...but she is going...someday!
You and Darrell should go with us!

I know MP, your wife is right, it has gotten bad which is so frustrating, we still watch but with much less enthusiasm, my wife constantly threatens not to watch any more. Really it's hard to find much worth watching!

Libby said...

I would love to go, but God would have to perform numerous miracles for that to happen.