Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Today is our oldest daughter's birthday...she turned 14! It's hard to believe that she is becoming this little woman, quite beautiful and with a smile that will hurt somebody. Last Monday she got her braces off which simply adds to her beauty...you would simply have to see her! I remember the day she was born, we were living in Glasgow, Ky and had gone through one of the most traumatic years of our ministry. God gave us Kaitlin at a time when we were hurting, it seemed like the nine months of Julie's pregnacy we lived in a see through tube...safe from all the stuff going on around us...and then she arrived and became a church baby. Over the years there have been powerful prophetic words spoken over her and I long to see what God has in store for her life. What is most important is that she loves God and lives to serve Him, and that she does all that is in her heart...I am now realizing that I will retire wherever my girls are and am truly hoping it is somewhere warm! What a blessed man I am, a beautiful wife and two gorgeous daughters...Feel like a king!


Darrell said...

Man, we are getting old, aren't we? Funny when you don't get to see someone very often, they don't age in your mind. I still see "little Kaitin" in my mind. What's weird Neil, is my son will be driving in 5 more months!
(There goes my insurance!)
Seem's like it was only yesterday that Daniel and Kaitlin had their youth camp crush, and he cried for weeks over her. Remember you guys having to drive over to Decatur to meet us for dinner on his birthday? And then I stop and think, man, that has now been many years ago!
Where does the time go?

When you get a chance, send me a picture of the kids. It's been over a year since I have seen them.

And yes, you are a blessed man Neil.

Exqsme said...

Happy Birthday Kaitlin.... I'm sorry I couldn't have my baby on your birthday :)

You are blessed Neil, and we are all blessed to know you and your family. I hope Kait had a fantastic day!

Libby said...

Tell Kaitlin I said, "Happy Birthday!" Too bad the whole family can't come when you come in March. It'd be great to see Julie and the kids again. Tell everyone hello.

michigan preacher said...

Happy birthday to your daughter. My middle daughter just turned 4 a couple of weeks ago.

That is awesome that she is serving the Lord so wholly. I remember the joy my wife and I had when we lead our oldest daughter to Christ. Just that simple childlike faith, knowing that He forgives the bad things she's done, that He died for her on the Cross. She wanted to get baptized afterwards, and a couple of months later, at the next baptism service, she was. I am praying that God keeps her. She love the Lord so much. Praise God!

Neil said...

As I read your post tears are filling my eyes...which doesn't happen very often. Yes, Darrell and Libby, I do remember the crush, coming for dinner in Decatur, remember I got sick during the movie...too much blooming onion I suppose. I remember preaching on the return of Christ and scared her to death, she slept on the floor of our bedroom for a couple nights. I also remember the Sunday morning she received the baptism of the Holy Spirit in Children's Church. And not to long ago while a part of a choreographed dance at church I saw her begin to dance in a manner that could only come from the impartation of the Holy Spirit..she's not a perfect kid, but she's mine and I am keenly aware of how blessed we are. Thanks folks for sharing this moment with me. You are important to our family!

Henry Haney said...

Happy Belated B-day to your daughter Pastor Smith.

I can't believe my girls are growing like they are (they're 2 and 5). I love them so much and I find myself getting more and more paranoid every day about their safety.

Lord help me!!

Oh- didn't mean to be a downer on this topic :) LOL

God bless

Neil said...

I know Pastor Henry...you kind of want to be paranoid in a good way! Somethings you simply have to leave in the hands of the Lord...but I always want to help! Kaitlin had some men follow her and a friend while walking home from school one day, so they acted like they were using their cell phones and went to the door of a house like it was theirs and the men left...that will put the fear in you! She's at an age where she is noticable...men whistle at her when she's walking in the neighborhood, makes her quite uncomfortable and me mad...but she is learning to be observant of the area she is in, always has a cell phone and knows to make a lot of noise if need be...it's sad that this is the time we live in, but it is.

Sorry for rambling!