Friday, January 06, 2006

I'm Feeling Talky...Restless
Next Saturday I fly to Arkansas to begin a revival for a former youth pastor of mine. I am excited at the prospect of being with this young couple that God gave my wife and I the privilege of imparting into. I'm not sure that we did all that much for them, hopefully taught them some good things and how to avoid some bad, perhaps we gave them an example of what to do and what not to do, and mentored them in a positive manner. What burns in my spirit tonight is the that I have an opportunity once again to make a deposit in them, and into the church that they are pastoring. I've served as an evangelist and know what it is like to have certain good sermons that I could preach, messages that touch the basic needs of people. You know, salvation, Spirit baptism, healing and the return of the Lord. I can probably come up with some "How To" sermons and tell them "How To" do somethings...or I can wait on the Lord and walk in and impart a living word into them...a word for that church and pastor. Being a christian these days is tough, church life and being a minister is tough, we face things unlike anything we've ever faced. It's been said that with each new level there's a new devil, all I know is that we are destined to overcome and to win. Deep within my spirit is that phrase "Some Must Enter In", I am becoming consumed with a present reality, a truth, that God has already determined what our end will be, in the beginning He created our present reality and our future's up to us to recognize it and enter in. Entering in doesn't mean that we command God as to what He must do, it means that we recognize His sovereign plan and announce to Him, ourselves, and the world, that we have determined to walk in the path He has created for us, that if he knows the thoughts He thinks towards us, good thoughts, thoughts of hope and a future, then He will reveal His desire and purpose in us if we will simply rest and relax in Him. It is my greatest desire to see something powerful take place in this meeting, for lives to be changed, hearts encouraged, the pastoral family strengthened, and most of all, for God to be glorified!


Exqsme said...

I just wanted to say that you and Julie have imparted into us so much more then we could ever thank you for or possibly let you know. I know at the time we didn't always understand everything, but now that we are in the SP position ourselves, everything has become that much more valuable. We came under you guys at a time when we need YOU and Julie the most. There were so many times you eased our hearts and minds, and you gave us a good example to minister by. And you still are a wonderful example and help in many ways. You will always be that couple that we look up to. God has done a wonderful thing in your lives, and we are blessed that God can use you to impart that into us.

There are even some things Troy still does ROFL that I call "A Neil thing" Like he bounces during praise and worship.. never did that until he met you ROFL .. I know LOL that's not spiritual... but it does say something for how we respect you.. Immitation being a good form of flattery.

We Truly love and respect you and Julie. Thank you for everything that you have done for us, imparted into us .. and thank you for continuing to do so. Thank you for not giving up on us because I knw that even though I'm pretty cool.. Troy can be frusterating **insert an ornery smirk here** We just hope and pray that we have made you proud :)

Neil said...

Wow! You have made us very proud and we rejoice in the way the Lord is using you both. One of the things that I remember the most about Troy especially was that if I needed to offer correction he seemed to accept it and move on. I tried to teach you both that correction provides direction for development...not destruction. I appreciated your willingness to do what I asked, and know that there were times you didn't understand my reasoning, or perhaps thought my request were outside of your job description...but you did it anyway. What I wanted for you was not just to prepare you for being youth pastors...but for ministry...period!

You are doing a wonderful job where you are and I am thankful for our relationship!

Exqsme said...

You need to get Julie blogging!

OH! When we went to visit Illinois, Mabel and Barab came over to Daville for a visit.... and Mabel showed me pictures of your girls... I can hardly believe it they are so beautiful! I don't think I would have recognized Kaitlin if I passed her on the street!

Anyway, I think Troy misplaced your email if you can give him a quick email to say 'here I am" long story short... he boo booed and lost all our email addresses HAHAHAH

Henry Haney said...

Pastor Smith,

I look forward to hearing the testimonies from this meeting. I can sense that you are a person who cares about people first and foremost- this is what ministry is all about- pouring into others' lives. Today's theology of ministry revolves so much around "what's in it for me." It reminds me of something Paul told the Phillipians regarding Timothy and his willingness to put the needs of Christ before his own.

Philippians 2:19 But I trust in the Lord Jesus to send Timotheus shortly unto you, that I also may be of good comfort, when I know your state. 2:20 For I have no man likeminded, who will naturally care for your state. 2:21 For all seek their own, not the things which are Jesus Christ's

Darrell said...

Praying you have a great revival there in Arkansas. Maybe you can even get that pastor saved!
Just don't say "crap" from the pulpit.