Thursday, January 12, 2006

Recognizing The Seasons Of Change
Recently I was sitting in church listening to the preacher and minding my own business when the Holy Spirit spoke a word into my spirit. He said, "Can you recognize the season of change?" Now, I am a person that doesn't mind change, in the last year I've gone from a goatee with a mustache to one without a mustache, and one day I actually shaved my goatee and mustache and had just a little patch of hair just under my wife wasn't all that thrilled about it and I grew a full mustache and goatee the next week. I'm back to being without a mustache just never know. I like to change things up and think it's quite healthy from time to time to simply do different. The question is do we recognize it when God begins to move things around in our lives, sometimes it is an immediate, obvious, huge change...One that cannot be hidden or questioned, while at other times it's a bit more subtle, instead of moving your mountain all at once, He does it one stone at a time. You know, you've been praying for a better nights sleep and He gives you six hours instead of three, or you are able to sleep without warm milk and a sleeping pill. He answers your prayer by sending someone to remind you that He loves you, but doesn't tell you everything He is going to do in your life. The Bible speaks of the sons of Issachar who had understanding of the times and who knew what Israel ought to do. Jesus spoke of being able to tell what the weather was going to be like, but rebuked the people for not discerning the signs of the times, and to Jerusalem He told them that they had missed their time of visitation. How important it is to recognize the seasons we are in, seasons are not forever, they have a purpose and a set time...we must learn to move with God according to His season...not ours!


Darrell said...

Ironic... I have been thinking about this same thing since last night. I am going through one of these changes right now, as is my church. Something I have noticed is that during the transition from one season to the next, it can be very uncomfortable.
In the natural it is that way. For example, today it is going to be 50+ with lots of sunshine and tomorrow will be back to a high around 30 with possible rain/snow. Man that is hard to deal with. But we face similar things in the spirit realm when we are going through a changing of the season that God is bringing us into.

As for me, I am ready for this next season, because I anticipate it being a time of harvest and growth. We have been through the long dry season and I am ready for the harvest!

Neil said...

Start announcing your harvest! Even if you cannot see it physically...If you can see it in your spirit start saying it by faith. Jesus in John 4 gave some powerful harvest principles, He told the disciples to look on the fields, that's the only place you can find harvest...see the harvest, then He said not to delay the harvest by saying it's not until four months later, He said it is right now...and then He said that He has sent us to reap for that we have not labored. What ever you have in your spirit has to be transferred into their it, eat, drink, and sleep me, it works, harvest will become a part of their spirit and in time it will begin to work itself out of you. We have been preaching and teaching harvest for over a year now and are seeing it become a reality in our lives.

Perhaps my time with you in March will be a harvest revival! What do you think?

PT said...

I can relate to this very strongly. We're going thru a time where people have taken an extended holiday or something. At first I was discouraged about this, then as I was preparing to cast the vision for this year. This year being a year of harvest and manifestions of the Spirit. I realized that before branches can be grafted into the vine, non-producing branches have to be cut off.

I really believe that this revival will set the tone for what God is going to do for us this season.

No, preassure or anything :)

michigan preacher said...

We are in a season of change right now. Last night, a godly sister in our church who over the years has been praying for my wife and I, and the ministry God has for us, told me that God is getting ready to send us to the church he has for us to pastor. Now, Neil and Darrell, you know about the opportunity that I shared with you both. Only a couple of people know about it, the pastor, associate, youth pastor. I asked this lady if she had heard anything from anyone, and she told me that God spoke that to her spirit. I just about hit the floor!

Yes, God is bringing change to my life, in a big way. It's kind of scary, but at the same time, I'm pumped up for the work he has. Great post, Neil!

Neil said...

PT, I feel no pressure at all, in fact, I have something in my spirit so strong that I cannot explain it. Harvest is a reality, but it is also work...that's why people struggle with moving with God, it's costly, it's painful, it requires releasing somethings in order to gain some things! You have promoted the meeting, you have called, written, emailed, invited, all the stuff you as a human being can do to get people back in church and to the revival...Relax and allow God to do His's His church!

As a pastor, you can only go so far and do so much...the people have to want it, it must be in their them and leave them in His care...He'll resurrect them or He will replace them!

Get Ready for what He's coming!