Thursday, June 15, 2006

Dads Are Special Dear Old Dad I am the father of two beautiful daughters! They are the gleam and sparkle of my eye, sometimes it is a gleam of joy, other times it is a gleam of aggravation, nevertheless, they are my pride and joy. I'm not always certain that I am the same gleam to them, my girls are Momma's girls, I often say that they need me when no one else is available or when they need money...I always take whatever I get! What I've realized about being a Dad is that it's really not about money or even hugs, children need Moms for comfort and concern, they need Dads for direction and discipline, and to simply be there...whether they need them or not. My own father passed away twelve years ago, I haven't quite gotten over it yet, I still think of him often and sometimes start to pick up the phone to call him. When I look in the mirror I see him, when I speak at times I hear him, the way I perceive things at times lets me know I'm thinking like him...and when it comes to loving my kids, I'm all about him...right or wrong, good or bad, young or old, those are my kids and I love them with all that is within me. Dads are providers, they provide more than a check, they provide destiny, direction, and destination. Dads provide the necessities of life, creating a sense of well being and wholeness for their families, even if it means going without for themselves...they make sure their families have what they need! Dads are protectors, they shelter their families, providing a place of protection and creating a sense of security. True fathers refuse to allow anyone or anything bring harm or even the hint of harm to their brood...they stand in the gate and dare the enemy to try to get in! Dads are prophets! Moms have eyes in the back of their heads, they see and hear everything. Dads are often accused of not seeing or hearing anything, we're said to be in our own little worlds, but we're not! We hear from God and we speak to our families as the prophets of old, this is the way of the Lord...Walk in it! Like Joshua of the Old Testament, Dads rise up and say, "As for me and my house, We will serve the Lord!" I am thankful for my earthly father, he was a good man, a hard worker, and he was my friend. I am even more thankful for my heavenly Father, the word of God says that when my earthly parents fail me, my heavenly Father will take me up...He will provide and protect, He will prophetically speak into our lives and show us the way we are to go. This weekend we celebrate Father's Day, we say Dad we love you and are thankful for you! Happy Father's Day!


ruthrap said...

I lost my father when I was 19. He was special to me as I was the only girl out of five and the youngest in the family. I wasn't exactly "spoiled" as we were too poor! I was a Daddy's girl though and spent a lot of time literally hanging off his back pocket when I was really small. Dad's are really important and I feel bad for the many children who are growing up without one! But, its like you said, we have our Heavenly Father and HE always there for us come what may. This Father's Day it is Him that I'm thankful for!

Barbara said...

Neil, I understand what you mean. I lost my father 15 years ago this July 12th. He's still very much missed. Sometimes, when I open the door to my Mother's den, I expect to see him sitting in his favor chair! I was older, and had 2 very small grandchildren, whom he loved, but he's missed just the same.