Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Power of Friends
Our family is enjoying our annual vacation, came to Illinois to visit my Mom and sister. We've layed around the house, gone into Chicago to Shedd Aquarium, layed around, shopped, deployed my daughter so far from the purchase of a Douney Burke purse...100.00...I bought her a phone ringer and text messaging for her cell...but I'm certain I haven't heard the end of the purse.
This weekend we've gone to Champaign, IL where we used to's really been awesome! Last night we went to our cousin's house where about 40-50 former members came, sat around talking and was cool. We followed that by Starbuck's on the University of Illinois campus and walk around the Quad....old friends and new times...great!
This morning I preached at Glory Center International for my good friend Cedric Nesbitt, a powerful pastor with a awesome church! They nearly preached me to death, I got the pulpit at noon and preached about forty-five minutes...we went to lunch at two o'clock and got back to the motel at four...busy life of a preacher.
I am more appreciative of my friends than ever before, am thankful that distance and miles cannot destroy true friendships and close relationships...this has been a good vacation!


Amy said...

Niel,i agree ,friends are so important, i also had the privlage of going to clinton ,Iowa this weekend to a womans confrence where a member of the prayer team im in (and an AWESOME friend )spoke, the confrence was awesome, and it also gave me a chance to spend time with her and 2 other friends from our prayer team, I love those friends so much, they are so great. and im truly blessed to have them in my life!!!!!!

Jason said...

Wow, what an amazing tool the internet is. I was searching for previous churches I had attended and thought I'd google Pastor Neil Smith to see what he's up to nowadays. Seeing the Kenya photo and your trip to Champaign, Il. verified the correct Neil Smith. Good to see you're still pastoring (and suffering for Christ in sunny FLA - heh heh, kidding of course). As of last year, I am now happily married and living in East Peoria, IL. My wife and I attend Faith Christian Centre in Washington, Il. ( No kids on the way yet, but in the near future sometime.

If you google my name, you can see a photo of my wife and I (at her former christian school's website in Pekin, Il).

God Bless,

Jason Kassis
East Peoria, Il.

Neil said...

Jason, I just found your message and want to connect with you, thanks for stopping by!