Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Revelation of Relaxation
I don't know how other men are, but I'm quite uptight. Not about anything in particular, just most everything in general...I want things to go well, to go smoothly, I tend to be analytical and love excellence...not perfection...excellence! I am terrible when it comes to the ministry, especially in the area of preaching...I want to do it well and tend to stress over it. One would think that after 27 years of preaching I would have it figured out...not! Never do I speak or preach that I don't question myself and others...I always think I did bad, even when others say it was fine...seems to me that I could have done just a little bit better. This morning while showering the Holy Spirit spoke into my spirit...Just Relax! Simple isn't it? Just relax, what you're doing is fine, don't get so worked up...Do what you know to do and relax. All of a sudden I felt and continue to feel free inside. Jesus said that if we would come to Him that He would give us rest..You really can't beat that can you? Wonder why it took me so long to get it?


Rev.Steve said...

Neil, I know the feeling. With all my family is going through, I can't seem to relax. Thank God for his peace and rest, if not for it, I couldn't make it. Glad you had a great trip. We had a missionary from Kenya a Brother Russo at our church Sunday. It really looks like God is moving in that area.

ruthrap said...

I was hoping you would get a revelation! What did I tell you, Neil? You are way too hard on yourself! You are a very knowledgeable minister of the Word. Keep up the good work! We all tend to be too critical of ourselves. Anyway, I'm glad to hear you're gonna take it easy. You take care........I'll drop in on your site to keep track of your progress in relaxing!!!

Deborha's Palm Tree said...

Neil, I do the same thing! I'm speaking at a conference this weekend, I know that what I have to give is from God, but, I keep on second guessing. Hey, looked up the word relax in the dictionary...one of the meanings is to 'unburden' and 'to relieve from effort. Hmmm? Excellent word.... thanx, I needed that!