Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Sleep and Hurricanes....Almost Hurricanes
We've just returned home from Africa and my sleep is all messed up...Can't stay awake past ten and most of the time am zonked by nine or nine thirty...that's not the bad part...I'm awake by four in the morning...Last night I fell asleep during Supernanny, woke up and the end and fell back to sleep...woke up at six this morning...would love to sleep in until seven thirty...maybe seven forty-five...after that I'm up and about for the day!
And then there's this wonderful Tropical Storm Alberto...a wanna be hurricane! I've been watching the news and predicted paths and feel quite confident that we're safe...for now! This is my third hurricane season since being in Florida, I don't want to become numb and insensitive to the warnings, neither do I want to live in a paranoid frenzy....hurricanes kind of make me nervous...eventually one will sneak into Tampa, or it might just walk in quite boldly...Time will tell!
One thing is for sure: While I can't sleep well the Lord speaks into my spirit and He tells me to Press into the Kingdom and to Connect...Connections create a world that enables us to press into the places God desires our feet to tread. We simply need to make the right connections with God and men for the right reasons in order that we keep the right priorities and produce the right harvest!
Just Thinking Out Loud!


Darrell said...

Let's see, we've run the heat this past week and been wearing coats... IN JUNE!!!
I'll take the hurricanes any day if I get to live in Florida the reast of of the year!

Seiously, it was 90 something last week and over night it changed and we had several days were it was so cold that we were in coats and while I did not crank up the furnace, the electric heaters were plugged in and I had the heat on in the car.

The sleep thing is a drag. I always have trouble adjusting after being in Europe. Takes me a week to 10 days to get back in sinc.

Neil said...

Julie and I are coming to Chicago this Sunday afternoon, will be there 8-9 days, are you saying we need winter clothes?

Darrell said...

No, actually it has warmed up again now.