Thursday, February 08, 2007

Connecting Where It Counts
I am a huge reality television fan. I love Survivor, $40.00 Per Day With Rachel Ray, American Idol, and Nashville Star. Recently I was watching Nashville Star when one the judges shared a golden nugget with a contestant, his advice to this young wannabe star was simple, "Learn to connect with the crowd!" The jest of the message was that it doesn't matter how well you sing or play an instrument, how good you look or if you can dance, all of these things are important and will have a great deal to say as it pertains to your success...but if you don't connect with the crowd, you won't make it! There's a spiritual aspect to that isn't there? Jesus did three things when He was on earth: 1) He met people; 2) He mended people; and 3) He ministered to people. Jesus connected with His crowd, He was genuinely concerned with their lives, He hung out with them, He loved them, and he loved on them. When He spoke to them He identified with where they were, where they had been, and where they needed to go, and He initiated the opportunity for them to get there. The amazing thing about the Lord is that He wasn't religious, He developed relationships and whenever He spoke to people He gave them a relevant answer...He connected with them. I want to connect with people, to be a true communicator, not just a good orator, or a gifted person in a certain area. The world is full of people that speak well, that know the right things to say and the right way to say them...I want to identify with them, see where they are and where they need to be, and to enable them to get where they're going...Pray for me that I will connect with the crowd in the right way at the right time and that God will minister through me to others!


Darrell said...

Great thoughts today Neil. How important that this idea connectiong where it counts is! Thanks for sharing!

Barbara said...

My husband and I have really gotten into Nashville Star. I saw it the night that the guy told the boy that. Also, that was the night, I think, when the other guy was playing to the crowd. I had just told my husband he will go some place - HE is connecting with those people.

There are so many Christians who do not want to connect - just go to church, hear the message, worship the Lord - and go home. Never wanting to get involved with others. But, that's what it's all about - sharing with others!