Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Pressing Through The Crisis
Have you ever had a crisis of faith? A moment when you needed to reevaluate your beliefs and needed to do it now? I have. It's not that you question your beliefs but you question do you really believe what you believe. There are moments when I have found myself asking myself and the Lord why do I believe what I believe, do I really believe it, or is it just something I've heard all of my life. Crisis moments bring us to this place from time to time, does it just work when things are going well or will it work in the darkness? This week I'm in Alabama preaching a meeting at Rock Christian Center with Pastors Kevin and Diane White. We're having an awesome meeting, the Lord is speaking through His Word and needs are being met. What makes this meeting particularly special to me is the Pastor Diane is being treated for cancer, yesterday she took a chemotherapy treatment and arrived at church ready to worship, she is so courageous, a powerful woman of God. As I watch this family walk through this time of crisis in their lives I am amazed at the strength the Lord is giving them. They're not looking for sympathy, or for people to smother them, they believe God is healing Diane, are proclaiming that healing, and are leading their congregation forward into a bright new future. Whenever I think of crisis moments I think of three men in a fiery furnace, a king leaning over the edge asking if their God will deliver them, and their response, "O yes, and if not!" Their confidence was not in the deliverance but the deliverer. I think of Paul in Acts 27, a storm is raging and all hope that they will saved is lost, but Paul stands boldly proclaiming his confidence in God, of his encounter and revelation of a God that is able to walk with us during life's greatest storms. Crisis is the litmus test of our faith, I for one want to pass the test!


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Sylvia said...

The pastor has been taking to us about faith.Hebrews 1:1( Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.)It is so hard not to question faith when we can not see it.I have always been told that seeing is beleving.This is something I have a lot of changing to do.when I question my faith I go back to Hebrews 1:1 it helps me a lot.

Neil said...

Faith must be combined with hope, the spirit of promise that what God says to us will in His time and way become a reality. It is hard to have faith some times, Jesus told about a man in Mark 1 that said, "I believe, help my unbelief!" Is is double mindedness, maybe, maybe not, I tend to call it the reality of humanity, we believe and want to be sure, but the fleshly, human part of us wonders what if it doesn't work. Keep faithing it!