Sunday, February 25, 2007

Thanks For Leading Me To Christ!
Last Tuesday evening I had the honor of leading a young lady to the Lord. She came to me during the altar call, said that she felt the need to give her heart to the Lord, wasn't sure how, and then allowed me to assist her in accepting the Lord into her life. It was an exciting moment for all of us. Wednesday after the final service she came by, hugged me and said, "Thanks for leading me to Christ!" In 28 years of ministry I have never had anyone thank me for leading them to the Lord, but I must admit it felt good. There is nothing like ministering to people and helping lost people become found people. Another thing it did was cause me to remember those people that helped me find Christ, my friend David Taylor who went to a church summer camp, gave his heart to Christ and came back telling me about it, God used him to minister to me, Pastor Jerry Holt, who loved me and preached a true word from God, my Mom who lived it out before me, even when being a christian in our home wasn't easy. There are many people in our lives that have impacted us in more ways than one, we owe them our love and appreciation, but in my thoughts tonight I am most appreciative that some one told me about the Lord, not about church and religious jargon, some body told me that Jesus loved me, would forgive me, and would not hold my sin against me...I really appreciate the Lord and those He uses and am humbled that He and they would love someone like me!

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ruthrap said...

what a wonderful account of the difference one encounter can mean..and how great that you helped impact her life in such a way...It wasn't by accident that she was put in your path, Neil.