Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Slow Sunday
Our town from April to October is somewhere between 40,000-50,000 people, from November to April we are around 90,000-100,000 people...they come from Ontario, New York, Michigan, Ohio, and everywhere else in between. Today as I was traveling to lunch after church and to make a hospital visit after lunch it seemed like every slow poke in the United States had converged on Zephyrhills! Instead of being Super Bowl Sunday it's Super Slow Sunday in Florida! My wife reminds me that we too will grow older some day, I told her that when these wonderful folks cross the Florida state line they should have to sign an agreement to drive the speed limit...and maybe even 5 miles over! Go Bears!


Darrell said...

Hate to tell you this Neil... but the Bears done went. It was just not their day.

As to the slow driving... Hey, at least you are warm. You could be up here with us in the land of the frozen sun. Dude... it is -10 this morning with a wind chill f -28.
I'll take slow driving ANY DAY!!!!

Neil said...

It was a sad day! I posted this prior to the game and haven't had the heart to go beyond it...Actually I've had work to do and am not all that concerned! My wife is a traitor and went for the Colts, that's what you get when you marry a woman from Ohio!
I spoke with my Mom today from the Chicago area, it's cold there, makes our 64 degrees look like a heat wave!
If it's cold in May I'm rescheduling!