Friday, January 18, 2008

Neilism's On The Run I begin revival services in about ten minutes in Alvin, IL, population 316. My grandmother pastored this church in the 1950's, I praying that my roots produce fruit. This weekend is supposed to be the coldest weekend this year, below zero wind chills. My Florida fanny is freezing. This week I will eat thin pizza from Monicals, Italian Beef from Niro's Gyro's, lunch at the Courier Cafe, spend time with my cousin Randy and visit friends. I will also preach for Pastor Cedric Nesbitt at the Glory Center in Champaign, IL. My daughter Kaitlin needs a healing, she's been having daily headaches. God is able, He is faithful, and He is loving. She believes, she loves Him, and she needs Him. I need Him!

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