Friday, January 11, 2008

When You Think Of Me...Pray For Me!
Years ago I conducted a revival for a lady pastor by the name of Evelyn Zingmark, she pastored an awesome church in Waukegan, IL. When she went there it was about to close down, at the time I was there she was averaging around 250 on Sunday mornings, one of the Sundays I was there Roland Harper of the Chicago Bears was in attendance, his wife and children attended there often. One of my favorite memories of that meeting was at the closing of each service, when she dismissed the services she would ask the Lord to keep us in a place where He could speak to us and we could speak with Him. I will never forget those words and often think, "God, let there be people in my life that pray for me when I can't pray for myself, let there be people that You bring me to their minds, even without my knowing it, that call upon the God of heaven on my behalf, and God, let me be to others as I desire of God for myself! So today, tomorrow, or in the future, when you think of me, pray for me!


Trisha said...

Do you remember that micphone she wore around her neck? It was before the cordless was invited.

Rhonda said...

Evelyn was my grandmother. What a wonderful woman she was.