Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I Hear The Lord

2008 is here, it hasn't been a huge event in my life so far, ate a couple cinnamon rolls, gave away some stuff to a church member and helped load it in the truck, sent out two text messages and plan on doing as little as possible today! My wife bought me a new computer desk for our home office that needs to be put together...I'm still looking at the box and thinking about it...needs to be done this week, my inlaws are coming next week...pray saints..pray! In the midst of all my foolishness I feel like I am hearing the Lord speaking into my spirit, started this past Sunday and continues today as I ponder what this new year holds. My plan is to lose weight this year, 30 pounds, 12 of them this month, to eat healthier and to be more diligent, I've lost before but I've also found it, this time I need to lose it for good! The spiritual side of me is crying, screaming out inside of my spirit man, there has got to be a change in you, there are things that must take place, be released, be renewed, and to be removed, a line has been drawn, the question is will I cross it? This morning a friend emailed me with a simple but profound word, "Expect the Unexpected!" Another friend shared on an online forum of his feeling this this is the time when he and his church will determine who and what they are really going to be and do...So what is it the Lord is saying to me? What can I share with my friends that read this blog that will give them prophetic insight? 1. The shifting continues! To shift something means to adjust or to move, usually it gives one the idea of gradual movement, ever so slight, but it is movement that creates change...There has been a shifting in the heavenlies and God is moving us, the Body of Christ into new arenas, the shifting is not over, in fact, it may have really just begun! 2. The shaking begins! The writer of Hebrews says that God will once again shake the heavens and the earth, removing the things that can be removed and establishing those things that cannot be shaken. I sense a shaking taking place, we will not be able to do business as usual, whether that be in our personal, relational, or spiritual lives, even in our financial situations, things are being shaken to reveal who and what we really are. This shaking will enforce the promise of God in our lives because it will remove the fluffiness and reveal the true content and character of our hearts! 3. The settling! Our world is at unrest, Kenya is near civil war, the death of a loved leader in Pakistan, troubles and trials in our homes and jobs, people are at unrest. In the midst of all of this God has promised to establish us and to settle us, He will cause peace in the midst of the storm, calm while the world around us is swirling. Notice something here, He will not always remove the problem, nor will He remove us from the problem, He will give us peace and a sense of being settled in the middle of the storm. 2008 has just started, it starts in a busy and frustrated world, but it holds phenomenal promises...get ready it's going to be a wild and wonderful ride!

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