Monday, December 31, 2007

I went to Wal-Mart today and wanted to complain about the crowded conditions, the northerners, and the overcrowding...but as I consider what is taking place in my second homeland it all pales in comparison. Kenya, a country of nearly 34 million people, just had their elections, the sitting president has been re-elected, but not without controversy, the hanging chad's of Florida and all the upset of that election are nothing, the Kenyans have taken it to the street! Stores are being looted, buildings are being burned, and lives have been taken. One of my friend has opened his home as a refuge and says that Kenya is close to a civil war, other are sending email requesting our prayerful support. Pray for Kenya, these are wonderful people in desperate need of God's intervention! I love Kenya, have been many times and will continue to go the remainder of my life, how I long for their safety and peace, may God give them grace and may the church of Jesus Christ arise in powerful ministry during these difficult times!

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