Saturday, December 01, 2007

A Florida Christmas
Today it is nearly 80 degrees, last night there was a Christmas parade in the town next to ours, there are Christmas decorations up all over our's 80's! Christmas in Florida seems strange, I love it, but it is really different...I'm trying to get my wife to do away with the Christmas trees and decorate isn't working! The Yankees have returned, in full force and I believe they've brought more with them, our town of 30-40 thousand has now become a town of e nearly 90 thousand and more are on their way. Traffic is slow, restaurants are packed, and the stores are filled with wheel chairs and those little motorized carts...I keep getting stuck in lines at Walmart surrounded by seniors and behind people who have some type of issue that requires the calling of someone or the return of something...I'm trying to be patient and haven't blown a gasket ...yet! Last night I went to a Holy Spirit conference near Orlando, Pastor Ron Phillips was the guest speaker, it was timely and powerful, many were touched. The Holy Spirit asked me a simple question as we stood worshiping, "What are you leaving the next generation?" I'm still working on an answer!

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Darrell said...

Wow, what a question!
Ironically, I felt challenged by the Holy Spirit in recent days to pour more into my son. He has told us that he feels called to preach, and just as many of us were, he is excited, yet he expresses such concerns about things he has seen his parents go through. One of the things I am determined to do is to help shape him in such a way that he does not have to go back and re-do all that I have done. I want to see his ministry accelerated because he can build on where we've been and what we've done and gone through. I know he will have to do/go what and where the Lord takes him, but I'm hoping he can learn from us rather than repeat it all.