Monday, December 10, 2007

Being Boring Is So Boring!
My children tell me from time to time that I'm old, I so appreciate their kind words...I usually follow up by telling them they're grounded...they appreciate me even more then! I may be old but I don't intend on being boring! It is my earnest intention to remain on the cutting edge, to keep myself up to date, out of the box, across the top, and to make sure I know where I am and where I'm going...I can't stand to be bored and don't want to be boring. Life is an exciting journey filled with surprises, corners to be turned, trials to be faced, decisions to be made, and life to be lived. Life is full of Starbuck's, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Cold Stone, Baskin Robbins and my soon to be favorite Texas DeBrazil...all of these places go outside the norm and offer something beyond McDonald's, Burger King and Arby's, their menu, their atmosphere, and their purpose for existence is cross over into area no one else is going. Don't you ever get tired of being like everyone else? Cookie Cutter Christians, Parrot People, folks that just say, do, and look like everyone else, it just doesn't work for me, I want to identify with others and don't want to impose my will on anyone, but I don't want to just be the same, following in someone else's wake, I want to create a wake others can follow...Just don't want to be boring!

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