Saturday, January 26, 2008

I may be going through a mid-life crisis, manopause, or preparing for a nervous breakdown, or maybe I'm just being reflective...that's my vote...I just keep asking myself and others am I relevant? Am I stuck in the mud in my lifestyle, mentality, religious views and ministry style? Have I been able to maintain relevance and not look and act like an old man trying to look and act young? Have I been able to progress in a relevant manner without loosing my true identity? We've all seen the men and women who were aging that tried to look and act younger, I don't telling you that a 70 year old man or woman in short shorts just doesn't work. Nothing like an 80 man with an ear ring or a 85 year old woman with a tattoo....auuugh! Certainly it is possible to progress in life, keep up to date, be who we really are, and to become who we're supposed to be...isn't it?

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Barbara said...

I believe we can all stay young in our actions and attitudes. But, heaven help those that think staying young means they are to dress like the young! We don't have to dress like we are ancient but consider how we look in things meant for the younger generation!