Saturday, February 11, 2006

I went to make a hospital visit this afternoon and was blessed by the person I was visiting. You really have to know BetteAnn to appreciate my appreciation of her, she is in her early to mid-fifties, sings on our praise team, is a little lady in stature, but huge in her faith and ability to praise spite of her health. BetteAnn has had over sixty surgeries, cannot bend her neck, and this week had her themis gland removed. She was placed on a ventilator following surgery on Tuesday and was supposed to be off of it...but today is still relying on the vent. Today when I went to see her she was in pain, struggling to breath, and yet believing God for healing. She laughed when something humerous was said, nodded when something spiritual was said and smiled when I reminded her that in spite of the dark ones attempts to take her out...she's still here...she's still standing! One day she told me that she had to get back to church to worship...worship is what keeps me alive she said! I've watched her sing, step down off the stage and dance before the Lord...when I knew she didn't feel like it. As I held two of her fingers and prayed, I felt myself breaking, tears wanted to form in my eyes...not because I feel sorry for her...No, she's going to be fine! But because in spite of all she's been through, she's determined to come through and share her testimony...she'll be standing when others have simply sat and quit! Something inside me once again gives thanks that God has allowed me to remain upright when I felt like laying down. My health has not been the best lately, I've felt lousy for some time...but I'm still standing! God has kept His word to me, I am healed, I'm being healed, and I will be healed...His Word promises that to me, and BetteAnn's healing prophesies it to me...The testimony of Jesus Christ is the spirit of prophecy! Whenever someone testifies of what God is doing or has done for them each of us have two choices: 1. We can say that should have been me! 2. We can say that is going to be me! Personally, I chose number 2! Thanks BetteAnn! I needed to see you today!


Libby said...

I have been witness to so many ways God is blessing right now. Our church has really been under attack with illnesses and even deaths. It has been a winter season, but now I see the spring. IT is really exciting. Praise God!!!

michigan preacher said...

Praise God! That is true faith. Holding on in the storm and trusting God no matter what. Thanks for this testimony, Neil. God bless!

Exqsme said...

Thank you for sharing this with us... it's an encouragement !

Neil said...

There is a scripture in I Peter 4:12 that says we should never be surprised at the fiery trial that takes place in our lives, it should not seem strange to us...if we suffer we'll also share in the revelation of God's glory. In II Peter he tells us that satan is like a roaring lion seeking to devour, but based on this knowledge we should do two things:

1. Cast all our cares on God
2. Resist steadfast in the faith with the knowledge that we are not alone in our struggles...what ever we're going through, so is someone else!

Winter seasons in the Spirit realm serve a purpose, just like in the natural...but as Libby said...Spring is coming...a new harvest is just around the corner!

Clay said...

keep us updated on her, ok?

Neil said...

I saw Betteann yesterday, she is still on the vent, hoping to come off today. Her spirits are great, she is quite expressive. What I get a kick out of is she tries to talk with the tube, it doesn't work, she tries to write, it's she makes motions and facial expressions, she has a chart she can point letters and pictures out to communicate with...she simply is a wonderful person. Thanks for asking!

By the way Clay, I am going to Glasgow this weekend, be there until Wednesday...hard to imagine that I first met you there when you were four! I'm old!

I'm going to Kenya twice this year, once in May and then again in November. We met Neil and Jennifer Lawrence this past November, do you know them?

Neil said...

I visited with Bette Ann this afternoon, she has been in the ICU for over a week now and will be having a pace maker put in tomorrow. Please keep her in your prayers, she's a real trooper but I know this must be getting old!