Tuesday, February 14, 2006

It's Cold....In Florida!
I read in a book the first year we moved to Florida that the average temperature in Florida is around 72 degrees year round...it gets hotter and it gets colder. We get no sympathy from our friends in the North when we mention we're having a cold spell of the 50's! However, the last two days we've been cold...at night we've had freeze warnings and early this morning our electricity went out and our house has gotten down into the mid 60's and it's cold! Pray saints!
We didn't move from the North to live in cold...pray folks!


Libby said...

Alright. I think you're a wimp, but I'll pray for you anyway;)(By the way, it's 58 here today!)

Henry Haney said...

You'll get no sympathy from me either big guy!

....of course here in NC we cancel the schools if the weatherman calls for flurries-LOL

(not to mention a major run on the milk and bread at the supermarkets)

michigan preacher said...

You all need a good does of a northern winter! (except you and Darrell, Libby). The weekend forecast is calling for snow and a low temp of 11 on Saturday, 13 on Sunday! Now that's cold.

Neil said...

By the way, we're at 58 degrees and here is ou future for the week! Thanks for your suuport friends!

10-Day Forecast for
Zephyrhills, FL (33541) On The Spot Weather
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Forecast Conditions High/Low °F Precip.
Chance High Temperatures Low Temperatures Precipitation
Feb 14 Clear
61°/39° 0%

Feb 15 Mostly Sunny
72°/52° 0%

Get the Gameday Forecast
Feb 16 Partly Cloudy
79°/56° 10%

Feb 17 Mostly Sunny
79°/55° 20%

Feb 18 Mostly Sunny
79°/54° 20%

Check Your Local Event Forecast
Feb 19 Partly Cloudy
74°/55° 20%

Feb 20 Partly Cloudy
79°/58° 10%

Feb 21 Partly Cloudy
78°/57° 20%

Check Your Local Event Forecast
Feb 22 Showers
75°/54° 60%

Feb 23 Scattered Showers
74°/54° 30%

Sarah said...

I went for lunch today and realized how warm it was (58) and I opened up the sunroof in my new (used) car!

It was very nice.

Libby said...

I can't believe you are complaining about the weather with a forcast like that!!!!

michigan preacher said...

It's 41 right now. I was so warm I actually took my coat off outside!

Neil said...

Miss Libby,

Remember I do live in the South now, so we do call people Mr or Ms, rather than Brother or Sister. It was extremely cold this morning and I was looking for support from family and friends, of which I got...none!

It turned out to be a nice day, but I'm telling you when it's 65 in your house in Florida, it feels like the 40's in Illinois!

You really need to pray for warm weather when I come and have quilts...my blood is thin!

Libby said...

OK, OK! I'm starting to feel sorry for you!

Sarah said...

My sister grew up here in Il. but moved to the southern most tip of Texas 8 years ago when she got married. She called up complaining how cold it was... you know early 70's!

One time, she had only been down there for a year or two and they were coming up for a visit in August. She was looking for long sleeved shirts for her husband because it would be the furthest north he'd ever travelled! I gave her quite a hard time. HELLO, you lived here 18 years and August is our hottest month!!