Monday, February 27, 2006

I'm Pooped!
In the last week I've flown from Tampa to Nashville, preached five services in Glasgow, KY, flew to Baltimore, preached at one church on Thursday and twice at another on Saturday. Flew home Saturday and preach Sunday evening in Orlando...nine sermons in seven days...I'm old and tired! But is was all good, the Lord gave us favor and we saw good things happening in the meetings. How thankful I am for the goodness of God and the power of His Word, I never cease to be amazed at the Lord's ability to touch and change lives...the Word works!
So today, I'm getting back into the office swing, rubbing my eyes a little, and looking forward to 4:00 PM...but it's a good tired, in two weeks I'm back on a plane to Illinois...pray for warmth!
God's tired is a good tired!


Darrell said...

Getting old is really a drag, isn't it?
But it sure beats the alternative!!!

Neil said...

I feel like I'm a hundred and four today, but you're right, the alternative isn't quite appealing to me. So when I come to your place it's decaf for me and in bed by 10:00 PM!

Libby said...

Does that mean you won't be "long winded"?

Neil said...

Depends on what you consider long! At our church 45-60 minutes is the norm...Do you always get out by noon?
I will be obedient to the Pastor, if he needs me to cut it short or if we have reservations at the nearest Taco Bell...we'll be out by noon!

Sarah said...

Taco Bell is close but we like authentic here buddy.

Neil said...

Authenic works for me! Remember, I live in Florida with one of the largest Hispanic populations in the US! I'm a Cuban food fan myself, but my six year loves Taco Bell, it's favorite place in the world!

I'm pumped about being with you folks!