Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Where Are We Going?
Every once in awhile I get a spiritual thought or two, and then there are those reoccuring thoughts that tend to consume me..this is one of those. In my spirit I keep hearing this thought of "Where are we going?" It reminds me of what I think must have been in Isaac's mind as his father Abraham took him to the top of a mountain to be sacrificed. It reminds me of Abraham who went not knowing where he was going...he was just going.
I know I mention this kind of stuff quite a bit, but doesn't it seem like God is pulling at us to move up? At our church we are hearing God say that it is our time for perpetual harvest, to return to basics, and to be real. He has also called us to step up to the plate and get involved...just do something!
Perhaps it's the restlessness of my own nature, but inside I'm constantly aware that I cannot allow myself to be stale or even worse...stagnant! I must grow in my walk and relationship with God and in the ministry He has called me to, I must not take it for granted...I must cultivate the fruit and gifts...in that order...that are within me!
Where I'm going may not be as important that I'm going...as long as I'm on the right road!


Darrell said...

I started writing a comment here, but it became so long and started taking on a life of it's own, so I moved it to my blog for a post of my own. You done opened the flood gates Neil.

michigan preacher said...

I love the account of Abraham's offering up of Issac, for a couple of reasons, the one is that this is where God is first known as Jehovah-Jireh, which, just like Darrell, will get posted on my blog. The other is that when we think of this story, we think of Abraham's faith, but what about Issac's? He was more than likely old enough to know when dad tied him up that he was the "lamb". Yet, in his youthful strength and energy, he didn't run from his elderly father, but submitted. It is an amazing typology of Christ going to the Cross, as well as for us presenting our bodies as "living sacrifices".

I know that's not what you were talking about, but you are right, God is wanting us to follow Him. Hebrews 11 says that by faith, Abraham went when he was called, not knowing where he was going. So it is with us. Great thought, brother!

Exqsme said...

You know I have been finding myself being consistenly drawn back to Him and focusing on Him every day. I know we all know that this is important, but it seems as of late, that it has become even that much more important to focus on Him and to keep our lives fresh and our walks fresh for him.

And I have also found, considering the events in the past weeks or so, the importance of being near Him. Not only for my spiritual benefit, but physically andmentally as well.

The 6 Karns' said...

There's a song I used to sing in college (Bible)...titled, Whole Heart, that says, "There's two roads to go - but only one road for me. It's not only hard, it's impossible to see. But I want You to know, that my troubled mind is through...all of me, Yes all of me, I give it to You".

I guess that about says it for me.