Friday, October 06, 2006

Connect The Dots
When I first began blogging I thought it would be more of a online diary, something I would blurt out stupid things on, yell online, and vent...Now I see blogging as a means to express myself and to develop spiritual connections with people I would have never connected with. In the short time I've been blogging I've had visitors from many states, Australia, China, Germany, and the UK...some comment and some don't, but they come and read...hopefully they receive something, a blessing, a laugh, or they leave thinking about something in a different way. Isn't that what the Kingdom of God is all about...Connections? Years ago I went through evangelism classes, we learned how to canvas neighborhoods going door to door taking religious surveys...didn't win many to Christ, but tried, knocked on a lot of doors, and felt like we'd done something for Jesus. As I grow older I've come to realize that true evangelism is the development of relationships...connecting the dots with people. As a pastor I've given many altar calls asking people to come to Christ, I believe in that and will do it again...But! What I truly believe is Biblical evangelism is the connecting of one person to another, and allowing the Christ in us to be seen in everyday the point that while sitting at lunch in your office with your friend you develop an authenic relationship that leads by example into a conversation and then a conversion to Christ. Wouldn't it be powerful if our lives so exemplified Christ that people began to ask how we could be so joyful in spite of our circumstances and we could share the gospel? From there we could introduce them to our cell groups and churches, help them progress in their walk with God, and eventually make their own connections? This thing of being missional in our spiritual purpose speaks volumes to me, that rather than being a "Commando Evengelist" rushing in for the kill, putting down a statistic, and leaving them to make it on their own while we're off hunting down another convert...we should be connecting the dots...intentionally developing friendships and relationships with purpose! And while I'm at it, while I would like for them to attend my church, our friendship isn't based on where they attend or if they attend...I just want them to enter the Kingdom of Heaven...Just Thinking Out Loud!

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ruthrap said...

check out my site for today,friday, I came across a real missional kind of guy at work today! Had I never known Christ, he would have given me a grand introduction! didn't even catch his name, but it wasn't about was about a promise! and you are so right about connecting with others and what an impact it can make!