Saturday, October 28, 2006

Just Call Me Wambua
We returned last night from our journey to Kenya, what a wonderful trip it was! Arriving last Friday, we began Saturday morning with a minister's meeting, there are fourteen churches under our covering and we were able to meet with the pastors and their spouses, their asociates and should hear them pray...sounds like the voice of many waters...awesome!
On Sunday I took Sean Watson, a twenty year old man who accompanied us, to Mbaani, a church located in the bush, with me to preach, it was a powerful service. After a lunch with several of our friends we went to Kengami, where I ministered that afternoon...another good service! On Monday we took Bishop Titus Kiilu with us and drove seven hours to Eldoret where we checked on our sewing school and met with pastors on Tuesday. We enjoyed a nice dinner with Neil and Jennifer Lawrence, Church of God missionaries that live in Kenya, a beautiful family. Wednesday we traveled to Nakuru and enjoyed an afternoon at the Game Preserve, we saw zebra, monkey, rhino, water buffalo, and giraffe...we looked for the lions but never found them...a baboon got into our van while we were inside the park office, stole some handiwipes and took off...a clean handed thief! Thursday we started back to Nairobi to return home, stopped in Gil Gil and met with a pastor and viewed his new sewing was there I received an honor, I was given a new name: Wambua. The name means rain, while preaching for Bishop Titus I spoke of the spiritual rain the Lord is pouring and going to pour out, he then named me rain and blessed me as a friend and brother...I am honored.
I continue to be honored by the opportunity God has given me to be a part of the Kenyans, they are friends and family...every one should go there, it will change your lives!


ruthrap said...

Wambua, glad to hear your trip was so great! and glad you made it safely back home!! I like that name! what an honor!

Darrell said...

Hey man, glad to hear you are home and the good report. How do you pronounce the name? I am guessing that it is "Wham-boo-uh". Am I close?

Anonymous said...

Wambua! I like it, Brother. You know I'm looking forward to a trip with you to Kenya soon. Sounds like God really moved.

BTW, some of those Keyan cities sound like names from Star Wars. "Eldoret" especially!

Blessing, Wambua!

Clay said...

glad to hear you had such a good time. i haven't seen neil and jennifer in a while. i've stayed with them on a few occasions in kenya - they have a beautiful home in eldoret.