Monday, October 02, 2006

I've been reading various blogs and articles concerning the church world, where we are and where we're going, and to be honest, it wears me out. A few years ago we were either Protestant, Catholic, or Jewish, now we're all of these plus, Muslim, Emergent, Seeker Sensitive, Charismatic, and the list goes on and on. As I sit at my desk today I've come to realize that we have learned to live under labels that create an attraction to what we represent. We are known by what we advertise and who we represent. What I also recognize is that I am not identified by what people call me, but by what I answer to...I have to know who I am. Our purpose on this earth is know God, to love God, and for the love of God to shown through us. How we get there, and the methods that we use to accomplish God's purpose for our lives certainly vary and take different shapes...the goal is to get there, to glorify God and to touch the lives of people for the Kingdom. Missional is a phrase that burns with me, I'm not completely sure what means in the general scheme of things, what it means to me is that we are accomplishing the purpose for which Christ died, that none should perish and that all can come to experience eternal life! Our mission is to point men to God, to make Him known in a relevant manner, and to never destroy the foundational principals of the Word of God. If we're not careful life becomes quite complicated and I am convinced that living for God isn't supposed to be complicated, He wants us to S.K.I.S., to simply keep it simple! Jesus said it this way, Love the Lord with all of your heart, soul, and strength, and Love your neighbor as you love yourself...Period Not a dynamic or super thought provoking is a thought though!

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Missional Jerry said...

Missional is a concept that burns in many of us.