Monday, October 16, 2006

Uncomfortable Territory I am addicted to online news and blogs. In just a few days I'm off to Kenya and will be away from the internet for several know I'm to experience withdrawal symptoms...pray for me! Today as I was reading CNN Online I came across a phrase that leaped off the page at me, the article concerned a new book by one of my favorite authors, John Grisham, it talked about the amount of research he had to do while writing this book, research it said was "Uncomfortable Territory!" Our walk with Christ often brings us into uncomfortable territory, in fact, life itself brings us often into new places, areas that we've never been, areas that are not always the most comfortable. Do you remember your first day of school, high school, college? Can you remember your first date, the moment of your engagement, marriage, and the first family member who died in your lifetime? What about when you first realized your need for Christ or your first experience in church? Have you ever thought about the moment you realized that being a believer included issues and dealings with your flesh that you thought salvation covered? You know, life was going to be perfect because of Christ's entrance into your life...and then life took a strange turn! As I write these words today I'm sitting in a hotel room on a beach in Myrtle Beach, suffering for Jesus, having a great revival and believing God for good things...but there are moments when life is uncomfortable, territory that is unfamiliar, and places God is calling us that we've never been. The Book of Genesis describes the call of God to Abraham to leave his fathers house and to go sight unseen to a promised place, all he had was God's word, the promise that it would be a place of blessing, but little was said of what was in between. Uncomfortable Territory is that place where we know who God is, who we are in Christ, and we trust Him to be who and what He says He is...regardless of how we feel! We go, we step out by faith to accept the assignment and opportunity, making the journey in full confidence that we're not alone and that all along the way...He knows what He's doing in our lives and as our pastor always says: "It'll be alright!" Just Thinking Out Loud!

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Henry Haney said...

That's a good word and so true. We are often conditioned to believe that the will of God is always a place of comfort- but the Word tells us differently.

Glad to hear you're suffering just down the road (well about 2.5 hours) from me. Myrtle Beach is great, but the water can be getting a little cool this time of year. Be blessed and hope you have a good mission trip- will be praying for you.