Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Feeling Anxious
I left home last Saturday like I do every month to fly out for a revival...when you live in Florida everything is far away...I love Florida and I love to fly, so it's a good fit for me...what makes this trip different is I won't be returning home tomorrow as I usually do...I'm leaving South Carolina, going to Miami, resting 3-4 hours, and at 5:15 tomorrow boarding a plane for Kenya.
For me going to Kenya is just like flying anywhere else, except that it's nineteen hour flight and eight thousand miles from home...I love it...but I'm feeling anxious today. Not that I think something will go wrong, that we're in danger, or that we won't come back...everything is going to be great...but I miss my family, hope my wife will tape my picture on the television so they don't forget what I look like, and that they paint at least one wall in my office hunter green...I'm color blind, but like the sound of hunter green and think it would look good in my office.
This is a quick trip, two days traveling there, five days of ministry business, and two days traveling back home. Our youth pastor and one of our youth are going with us for their first trip, it will be awesome...pray for us!

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PT said...

Have a safe and fun trip. We'll definitly catch up with ya once you're back and rested up.