Thursday, December 07, 2006

Alabama Here We Come!
Saturday my wife Julie, our oldest daughter Kaitlin, and myself will be taking off for Sylacauga, AL! It's rather unusual for Julie and I to travel together, and a sure sign that there is a God and He is soon to return that Kaitlin wants to go with us...perhaps it's the prospect of missing school...who knows? I for one am excited that she wants to be with us, most of the time she's shut up in her bedroom only coming out for food or to comment on the television program we're all watching on separate TV's...does that make sense? We're on mission, our good friends, Pastor Kevin and Diane White are going through a difficult time, Diane's health is not good, she's in a Birmingham hospital, Kevin needs to be with her not in the pulpit. So we're driving up to preach at Church On The Rock in Sylacauga, stopping off in Moody, AL on Saturday to preach at Praise Assembly for Pastor James Eason...I am excited! Pray that we minister to the people God is sending us to, that we are able to minister to them where they are and leave a deposit of grace, love, and comfort, a specific word for a specific people, and that beyond what we say, that what we do will be hope and strength during this time!

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