Saturday, December 16, 2006

Walking Out The Adjectives
An adjective is a word that describes another word, it enhances the meaning of that word, allowing us to have a fuller understanding. For example, if I say, "My wife is so beautiful", I am saying that she is above average, beyond normal, something exceptional...and she is! This morning my mind was filled with the thought of walking out the adjectives in life, and especially as it pertains to my walk with Christ. The Word of God is filled with descriptive words concerning the Lord, phrases and concepts released through the simple addition of one word...adjectives! So when we read verses that tell us that Christ came to give us an abundant life we recognize that He desires for us to live beyond the average humdrum life, that when Paul says we are more than conquerors, we understand He doesn't want for us to just get by. If I read that the Lord is My Shepherd, I understand that there is someone guiding me personally, it's not just a corporate event. So when I tell some one "God Bless You!" I'm not just imparting my blessing, but getting God in on the equasion...adjectives count, they are more than fill in words, they enhance the what if we walk out the adjectives, living in the fullness of what God says to us about Himself, what He is saying to us about us, and what is He saying to us about others! We all have friends and then we have good friends, and then there are our close friends...what if we relate to these people according to what we say about them? If you are my close friend, we should be close, if you just a friend, or some one I've met, it will certainly be seen in how I relate to you...Am I making sense? Perhaps I am living in my own little world here, but according to my understanding of God's Word, life is a journey, filled with all sorts of events and emotions, we meet all types of people, and life isn't always what we planned it to be...but life never takes God by surprise, it's always what He planned for it to He adds adjectives to our normal everyday lives, spicing things up, increasing where there is lack, and encouraging us to keep walking when we feel like giving up...He is So faithful, His grace is Sufficient, and His mercy is Everlasting, His redemption is Plenteous, and in Him we are Complete! I think life would just feel a little bit better if we walked out the adjectives!

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