Thursday, December 21, 2006

My New Toy
I got my first Christmas present yesterday, my wife bought me a Ipod Shuffle, it arrived yesterday afternoon...She let me open it up and play with's pretty cool! I've wanted an Ipod for quite some time, was too cheap to spend 150.00 on a Nano, so when I saw the Shuffle I knew it was for know it could become like so many other toys I just had to have and end up on the shelf or in the spend less until I know I'll use it is my motto. I loaded up a song list, I've got 36 songs and some sermon podcasts in it and wore it while going around the block. The only thing is I wasn't sure where my song list came from....come to find out my daughter has uploaded a CD on my Itunes and now I've got her song list...not too bad, Martha Munnuzi, mixed it with a few Christina Aigular, combined with Clint Brown and Pastor Bryan Cutshall, makes for some interesting listening...I'm pretty pumped least as pumped up as I get!

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