Friday, December 22, 2006

Thank God For His Unspeakable Gift!
We are all hurrying and scurrying to find that perfect gift, to get it in on time, and make sure it's the right size. Perhaps your spouse has sent you with a list, cut out pictures so there is no mistake and told you where to go and where to find it at the store...My spouse has been known to literally lay my hands on the item so when I return without her there will absolutely be no question of what I'm getting. Shopping is warfare, we are battling time, prices, and crazy people, just to find the right gift...when the right gift has been with us all the time! I am the proud new owner of an Ipod Shuffle, it is cute and provides me with great entertainment and joy, but it's not the perfect gift. No, that gift came wrapped in flesh in a barn, God wanted us to know what He looked like so He put on a face and came when men needed Him the most. Inside of Him were all the ingredients that we needed to live our lives successfully; joy, peace, gentleness and kindness, healing, hope, the Holy Spirit, and more. Christmas isn't about a day it's about a person, it isn't about Ipods it's about incarnation, it isn't about Target it's about Truth, it isn't about wrapping paper it's about the unveiling of the Son of God to the sons of isn't about today it's about eternity! Thank you for visiting this blog, for allowing me to share my thoughts and prayers, my insights and my insanity, thanks for hanging out with me, you are my are my Christmas present! I honor you and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Blessed and Prosperous New Year!


ruthrap said...

That's the best Christmas greeting I have gotten this year! You are right, so right, Neil!...I wish more people thought like you! ..may your Christmas be blessed and you New Year even more blessed!

Anonymous said...

AAhhh...I'll see you at church tomorrow! LOL God bless you and your's and have a Merry Christmas. Charity and I will be venturing out to Wal-mart tonight not for presents, but last minute cooking needs, so pray for us!
p.s. good word too!