Saturday, December 16, 2006

I Fried Dill Pickles
Every time I go on a fast I look up recipes, not that I ever cook anything, I just look them up, write them down, and talk about fixing them when I can eat. Several years ago I found this recipe for fried dill pickles, it's really simple, take 1 cup of milk, put a teaspoon of flour, one egg, a little salt and pepper, and a few drops of worchershire sauce into the milk, dip your pickles into the solution, and then roll them in flour that you have also salt and peppered. Then put them into the fry daddy and wait till they float to the top...Awesome...That is a absolute truth...and an adjective! I made some and took them to work yesterday, our office manager loved them as did several of the people in our school. Last week a guy from our church brought me deep fried peanuts, you put whole raw peanuts, in the shell into the fryer, and then eat them shell and all...Pretty good, a little different, after my first one I thought I had a hair ball, but you get used to it! Last night my wife and oldest daughter wanted a few pickles so I fried us up a batch, I'll have to drink gallons of water and walk many miles to make up for this exursion off my diet...but it was worth it!


PT said...

I don't know about fried pickles, but I did find 2 wonderful places to get treats.
1) Hurricanes - awesome wings
2) Cold Stone - more ice cream than one big boy can handle
mmmmmmm, making myself hungry better go make dinner

Neil said...

Hurricane's sounds awesome, I love wings! Remember Buffalo Wild Wings in Champaign? My favorite place! Cold Stone is good, I like the middle size, but ice cream really isn't my thing!

I lost around thirty pounds, but have picked up about five to get back to work and lose ten!

PT said...

Buffalo was good, but they honestly got nothing on Hurricanes

Anonymous said...

Fried pickles sounds good, Neil. We'll have to get together and eat some when I get down there. Look for us to make our grand Polk County entrance around the 28th!

We'll have to hit Hurricanes. I love BWW. I enjoyed a Sunday lunch with Lonnie Stewart and Randy Battle at the Roadhouse on US-98 in Lakeland last week. That was some good eating and good fellowship.