Monday, December 11, 2006

Julie and I have just returned from an incredible weekend in Alabama! We along with our daughter Kaitlin went to minister in a couple of our friends churches, but what we received while there is beyond words. First, I spent time with two of my favorite people in the world: Julie, my wife of almost 20 years and my very best friend, Kaitlin, my almost 15 year old daughter, who most of the time stays in her room...together we braved the cold Alabama was in the 20's at night, Kaitlin hoped it would snow...I rebuked that spirit quickly! Then we went to Moody, Alabama, where our good friends James and Debra Eason pastor, had a wonderful church service, ate pizza and fellowshipped after church, created a blog for James(see, and stayed out to after midnight. Sunday we were off to Sylacauga to Church On The Rock, the real purpose of our trip. The pastors there are Kevin and Diane White, awesome people! Diane had a breast removed on Thursday, was in church on Sunday, and is believing God for a total healing, it was incredible to see the working of the Holy Spirit in this family's life...these Alabama family's are just great and we are so blessed to call them friends! On our way home our friend Rick Sexton called and chatted for 30 miles, it is a great thing to have friends!


Anonymous said...

Hey, Neil, you spent this weekend in Alabama, and I spent mine in Florida! I was in Lakeland with my wife to interview for the teaching position on Abundant Life. We spent the weekend looking at apartments, and just getting familiar with Lakeland and the surrounding area, like Plant City.

Church was great at Abundant Life. Pastor Stewart preached a great message in the morning, and his twin brother from Dallas preached last night. You can listen online at Abundant Life

ruthrap said...

so glad that your trip was so rewarding! and Michigan Preacher..i just want you to know that i really miss your posts on your blogsite...sounds like you could be moving..God bless you wherever you go!